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The playlist to start the year have a lot of interesting content. Initially a reading from Gartner with insights about the trends in technology for 2020 and 3 courses to develop our leadership skills and have the tools to better support our teams, we will be learning about Effective Listening, Enhancing Resilience and Coaching and Developing Employees. With this material you will be building-up your skills to have a successful year. Bring your energy and new learning goals. “Self 2.0”.


2019-2020 Top Insights for the C-Suite - Gartner

Business leaders today face a very challenging business environment marked by significant change, emerging technology trends, competition, uncertainty — and opportunity. Although many organizations find it hard to accelerate through the kinds of disruptions and mixed signals they face, Gartner research shows that there are ways to position the business to drive through disruption and come out ahead, but it takes concerted action and preparation.


Effective Listening by Tatiana Kolovou and Brenda Bailey-Hughes

Listening is a critical competency, whether you are interviewing for your first job or leading a Fortune 500 company. Surprisingly, relatively few working professionals have ever had any formal training in how to listen effectively. In this course, Tatiana Kolovou and Brenda Bailey-Hughes show how to assess your current listening skills, understand the challenges to effective listening, and develop behaviors that will allow you to become a better listener—and a better colleague, mentor, and friend. (1h:4m)

Enhancing Resilience by Gemma Leigh Roberts

Resilience is one of the most common traits of successful, happy people. Developing your resilience will not only help you to cope with challenging situations, but it can help you reach peak performance and enhance satisfaction, both in your personal and professional life. Gemma Leigh Roberts shows how to create a proactive plan to build your resilience, maintain it in the face of challenges, and track your progress over time. (53m)

Coaching and Developing Employees by Lisa Gates

Harness the power of coaching in the workplace. Learn how to shift from a command-and-control style of management to a manager-as-coach style of leadership to transform employee engagement and bottom-line results. Lisa Gates, will share her knowledge on how to establish a coaching relationship with your reports; how skills like open-ended question asking, listening, challenging for growth, and accountability can increase your employees' autonomy and problem-solving capacities. (54m)

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