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In this playlist, I am sharing some links where you can find interesting reading from MIT related to Management and courses from LinkedIn Learning for better Decision Making. I highly recommend you check the reading The New Leadership Playbook for the Digital Age is an interesting reading with lots of thoughts in regards to leadership, and the short course Making Decisions. Remember your learning goals for this year lets start to get the most of it. “Self 2.0”.


The New Leadership Playbook for the Digital Age

Evidence of this growing mismatch between how many organizations are currently led and how they should be led comes through loud and clear in this new, exciting report, “The New Leader-ship Playbook for the Digital Age: Reimagining What It Takes to Lead.” This global executive study and research report’s objective is straightforward: to explore how the changing nature of competition, work, and society is influencing the future of leadership.

A Noble Purpose Alone Won’t Transform Your Company

Purpose is only one contributing factor; the level and quality of interpersonal collaboration actually has the greatest impact on employee engagement. In this article, we’ll explore why collaboration has that effect and which behaviors you can adopt and practice to nurture it.

How a Group of NASA Renegades Transformed Mission Control

In business, we often label renegades and rebels as troublemakers — individuals who have to “get with the program” to align the organization both internally and externally. Our research at NASA, however, suggests we need renegades more than we think. Far from being obstacles to the work at hand, renegades can offer powerful ways to revitalize and shift organizations into the future.


Making Decisions by Todd Dewett

Smart decision making, whether it’s who to hire or what strategy to play, is a skill that sets you apart personally and professionally. In this short course, Todd Dewett shows you five simple steps to making better decisions. He’ll help you evaluate if you have enough time, sufficient information, the right people involved, and other key factors necessary to making strong choices. (15 mins)

Time-Tested Methods for Making Complex Decisions by Big Think

Decision-making is difficult in an uncertain world. This course provides the tools and techniques you need to improve your decision-making skills over time and to support your team’s ability to make high-risk group decisions. Learn how to identify common cognitive blind-spots, develop cogent hypotheses, remain open to a wide range of possible solutions, and choose wisely among them. (25 mins)

Getting Things Done by David Allen

Join David Allen as he walks you through his five-step process for Getting Things Done. He shows you how to stay on top of your work and avoid feeling buried by it, while carving out space in your life to do more meaningful things. Learn how to capture, clarify, organize, reflect, and engage with tasks that are demanding your attention, and come away with a clear head and a clear focus. (30 mins)

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