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Today’s playlist is dedicated to Management with Insights for Managers and Employees to shape 2020. In this, you will find readings from BCG and MIT; BCG was in the World Economic Forum in Davos, they hosted an interview with influentials CEOs, link in the readings section; MIT will broadcast a webinar on Strategy design and Communication. The courses from LinkedIn Learning covers topics like Learning from Failures, Managing Globally with agility and Managing Up for your development as an aspiring manager. Remember your learning goals for this year lets start to get the most of it. “Self 2.0”.


A guide to MIT Sloan Management Review’s Strategic Agility Project

To work, your strategy should be “simple enough for leaders at every level of the organization to understand, communicate, and remember.” Use this guide to get there. (part of Strategic Agility Project of the MIT Sloan Management Review)

Inspiration from Three CEOs: Investing in People and Technology for Better Companies and a Better World

BCG’s Tom Reichert shares insights from an energizing conversation at Davos with Penny Pritzker (former US Secretary of Commerce; founder and chairman, PSP Partners), Dave McKay (president and CEO, Royal Bank of Canada), Belén Garijo (CEO, Merck Healthcare)

Webinar: Using New Tech to Break Down Silos

On Thursday Feb 13th 2020, join MIT Sloan’s Zoran Latinovic and Sharmila C. Chatterjee, authors of “How AI Is Helping Companies Break Silos,” as they demonstrate how AI can facilitate the “three Cs” — communication, coordination, and customization — to achieve more connected and coordinated systems inside and outside the enterprise.


Learning from Failure by Todd Dewett

Failure and fault are not necessarily the same thing, yet many of us are raised to believe that if we fail, we have done something wrong. In fact, failure is a normal and necessary part of life. In this course, Todd Dewett explains the psychology of failure, the difference between good failure (thoughtful experimentation) and bad failure (reckless negligence), and why all failure is an opportunity to learn. (26 mins)

Managing Globally by Paula Caligiuri

In today’s global economy, it’s crucial for managers to be culturally agile. The best leaders can accurately assess the cultural environment in which their teams are operating and manage their teams appropriately. In this course, Paula Caligiuri helps managers understand how to lead effectively across cultures. (48 mins)

Managing Up by Roberta Chinsky Matuson

This course is designed to help you learn how to maximize your career by managing up. In this course, you will learn what managing up is, what it isn’t, and why it is important to achieving success. First, she helps you decipher the management style of your boss. Then she outlines techniques for building a strong relationship as well as how to avoid mistakes. (1 hour)

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