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In this playlist, we will have interesting readings about the 5G Technology from MIT and Deloitte and an interview with Verizon’s SVP of Technology and Planning to understand how this and other technologies are affecting the Digital Transformation in Telecomms. In the courses section, we will learn about organisational design and how to take advantage in the matrix layout and finally learning the foundations about the Business Analyst role. This is a packed playlist to help with your development goal for this year, let’s get started. “Self 2.0”.


Verizon’s SVP of Technology and Planning interview about the digital transformation of telecoms

Disruptive forces are reshaping the global telecommunications market and changing how mobile network providers operate. New networking technologies are offering telecoms the opportunity to expand their partnerships with large enterprises and dive into entirely new services.

5G, explained

The next generation cellular network will bring augmented reality, “the internet of things,” and seamless streaming to the mainstream. Here’s what businesses can expect — and when.

As US telecommunications companies and device makers plan strategies for rollouts of next-generation wireless technology, they’re looking to consumers to drive demand for faster, more reliable internet service. US consumers are ready for more when it comes to wireless connectivity, both on the go and in the home. We invite you to read the report and survey available from Deloitte.


Organization Design by Amy Kates

In order to attract top talent and execute strategies effectively, it’s imperative that you make your company a vibrant, engaging place to work. By gaining a solid foundation in organization design, you can learn how to build a high-performing organization that thrives in a complex business environment. (55 mins)

Working on a Cross-Functional Team by Doug Rose

Most organizations are looking for ways to improve how employees work in teams. A standard functional organization encourages people to focus on their own individual tasks. Cross-functional teams, on the other hand, bring everybody together to deliver the whole product. You no longer depend on rigid organizational lines, and instead focus on tighter collaboration and greater employee empowerment. (1 hour)

Business Analysis Foundations: Competencies by Angela Wick

Excellence in business analysis requires the mastery of a diverse set of skills. In addition to possessing a variety of analysis skills, business analysts must be great creative thinkers, facilitators of decisions, conflict managers, relationship builders, communicators and facilitators, process and data analysts, and more. (1 hour 26 mins)

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