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This playlist has very interesting content. We will start the readings with a paper to explore Organizational Culture and how by addressing its gaps organisations can increase its profit; following a reading from MIT about the AI and the Competitive Dynamics of Disruption and the last paper talks about Remote Work and how the global pandemic is changing the way organisations approach to it. We also have courses in Innovation and Resilience, two topics to prepare yourself for when the pandemic ends. Finally, a selection to learn from experts about working remotely, those people have been always working remotely and now we can learn from their experiences. Now that majority of us stay at home we can spend time in our development. “Self 2.0”.


When Culture Makers Lead

A new report from Accenture reveals that there’s a substantial gap between what leaders think is going on in workplace culture and what employees say is actually happening — and that organizations could see a $3.7 trillion increase in global profits by halving the gap. Other notable findings: The proportion of employees who do not feel included in their organizations is a whopping 10 times higher than leaders believe, and younger employees are more concerned than older workers about workplace culture.

The New Competitive Dynamics of Disruption

In the age of AI, traditional businesses are under attack from highly scalable, data-driven companies. As Harvard Business School professors Marco Iansiti and Karim Lakhani put it, “The collisions between innovators and established players are forcing leaders of existing companies to reexamine how they do business in environments where new players follow radically different rules.”

The Coronavirus May Transform Remote Work — And Not Temporarily

As the number of COVID-19 cases rises worldwide, companies previously reluctant to embrace remote work arrangements are now being forced to rethink their approaches. Each day brings news of more companies promoting remote work amid the coronavirus crisis — but once the virus wanes, the return to onsite work may be slow, if it happens at all.


Innovation Leadership by Bill George

In the 21st Century, there are millions of innovators, but few authentic innovation leaders are able to inspire and guide innovators and their teams to create breakthrough products with their innovative ideas. In this original course, you will learn how to become an innovation leader. The essential elements of knowing yourself and your unique leadership gifts, your motivations, and the purpose of your leadership will be covered by Professor George, along with personal stories of exceptional innovation leaders, concepts, exercises, tools and practical tips to help you become an exceptional innovation leader.

Building Resilience as a Leader by Gemma Leigh Roberts

Resilience can help you face challenges, navigate obstacles, and thrive in your role. But it can also help you lead your team and your business to bigger and better results. The tips Gemma offers in this course, are approachable and actionable—designed for busy leaders who need an extra edge to survive and thrive in challenging times.


Working from home can be extremely challenging. In the following videos, let us learn from others that have been working from home for years, how they cope with dogs, kids, mailmen, landscapers, salespeople and a lot of other interruptions. How they have been able to WFH effectively.

The challenge of working from home by Mike Figliuolo

From the course Consulting Professional Weekly Tips

Work/life balance by LinkedIn Learning Developer Instructor

From the course Career Clinic: Developer Insights

Working remotely from home by Mike Gutman

From the course Working Remotely

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