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This playlist is stunning, it covers all you need to know and a recipe on how to re-start your company after the pandemic. It includes reports from McKinsey, Gartner, BCG, Sibylline and WorldAware, on how to recover from the crisis, and how to validate your plans, also where you should be focusing your efforts. The report from McKinsey is highly recommended, it shows how to structure your plan to ramp up your business, check out the section Planning and managing COVID-19 responses is a beautifully crafted “how-to”, very easy to follow. If you need more insights, data and an independent view, check out the BONUS material, the guys from Sibylline have made available their weekly risk assessment report, and from WorldAware you can receive alerts with the situation around the world. The Courses section include topics like Advice for Leaders During a Crisis, Critical Thinking and Collaboration, useful skills to be better prepared for what is coming. Keep learning, stay safe and be positive, this crisis also will end “Self 2.0”.


COVID-19: Implications for business by McKinsey & Company

The coronavirus outbreak is first and foremost a human tragedy, affecting hundreds of thousands of people. It is also having a growing impact on the global economy. This article is intended to provide business leaders with a perspective on the evolving situation and implications for their companies. The outbreak is moving quickly, and some of the perspectives in this article may fall rapidly out of date. This article will update it regularly as the outbreak evolves. COVID-19:Briefing materials (PDF)

Toolkit: Assessing the Effectiveness of Recovery Plans Following a Business Disruption by Gartner

A critical evaluation of recovery plans is essential to effectively ensure continuity of operations.This user-customizable Toolkit offers enterprises an easy way to assess the effectiveness of their plans following a business disruption.

Sensing and Shaping the Post-COVID Era by BCG

COVID-19 and the containment polices aimed at controlling it have changed how we work and what we consume. History shows that such changes are not always temporary—crises can fundamentally reshape our beliefs and behaviors. How then can companies prepare for a postcrisis world, rather than hunkering down and waiting for a return to the past?

Implement an Exercise Management Strategy to Strengthen the Effectiveness of Recovery Plans by Gartner

Security and risk management leaders must assess the strengths and weaknesses of recovery plans to ensure the organization’s ability to survive disruptions. An exercise management strategy provides a comprehensive approach to assessing the effectiveness of recovery plans.

BONUS 1: COVID-19: The Global Situation by Sibylline

They have instituted a stream of reporting dedicated to COVID-19 and are making freely available to help people dealing with the crisis. This aims both to supply some of the raw data people are chasing, as well as put some strategic analysis around the environment (particularly the geopolitical risks).

BONUS 2: COVID-19 Risk Intelligence and Resource Center by WorldAware

The SARS-CoV-2 virus has impacted organizations around the globe, bringing attention to the need for actionable risk intelligence and business continuity planning. To ensure you and your organization stay informed of COVID-19 developments, including preparing for business resumption and recovery, WorldAware is making several resources available to you and your organization, such as expert-led briefings and articles, intelligence alerts, an interactive dashboard that provides country-level COVID-19 information, and more.


Advice for Leaders During a Crisis by Madecraft

The novel coronavirus (COVID-19) has changed the way we work, live, and lead. How are you navigating these uncertain times? In this course, leading experts in crisis, leadership, and finance—Eric Zackrison, PhD; Britt Andreatta, PhD; Dr. Michael Shermer; Kate Wiebe, PhD; and Natalie Taylor, CFP, BFA—provide you important methods to keep you and your team focused, inspired, and aligned during this unique time. Learn how to better handle the constantly changing landscape, determine what information is accurate, re-evaluate your financial portfolio, and gather the skills you need to thrive as a leader amidst uncertainty.

Critical Thinking for Better Judgment and Decision-Making by Becki Saltzman

The pace of change and volume of information we encounter in daily life make it hard to think through decisions. Instead, people often rely on biases and rules of thumb, which trap them into drawing faulty conclusions. The most successful teams use critical thinking—objective and rational analysis—to illuminate the wisest conclusions. Learn how to upgrade critical thinking to avoid deceiving fallacies, spot misleading cognitive biases, craft better arguments, hone judgment, and improve decision-making.

Creating a Culture of Collaboration by Lisa Bodell

Discover why a collaborative work environment can promote success, and learn how to create a cooperative culture in the workplace. In this course, you will learn the benefits of collaboration, and techniques for leaders or individual contributors to start building a team-centric culture. Also, identify common barriers to collaboration and methods to overcome those obstacles.

Coronavirus Coverage by Forbes

Main micro-site with the latest news from Forbes about Coronavirus.

COVID-19: Responding, Managing, and Leading During A Pandemic by Forrester

The latest insights and guidance for leaders to address the growing business and employee experience implications of COVID-19.

US DART COVID-19 Resources by Deloitte

Financial reporting resources for dealing with the effects of the coronavirus disease 2019 (“COVID-19”) pandemic.

Support your people. Sustain your organization. by Gartner

Lead your organization from initial response to recovery with our complimentary collection of COVID-19 research and tools.

Coronavirus: Leading through the crisis by McKinsey & Company

Insights on how organizations can respond, and what happens next.

COVID-19 and the New Leadership Agenda by BCG

As the economic and business impact of the COVID-19 crisis mounts, leaders in every industry are moving urgently to protect their employees’ health and build their companies’ resilience, while governments are mobilizing to safeguard citizens and manage the social and economic fallout. Immediate action is critical, but leaders must also embrace a new agenda—one aimed squarely at what comes next, for business and all of society.

COVID-19: What US business leaders should know by PWC

Here’s how to shore up your company’s response to the coronavirus. We’re operating in uncharted waters. Critical information on the characteristics of COVID-19 and its impacts on global business activity are difficult to assess and can change overnight.


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