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In this playlist, I have compiled a few great readings related to collaboration and productivity under the new scenario of remote working, and how to drive your strategy to success by anticipating technological changes. For courses we will refresh some typical manager activities from onboarding to mentoring, to revisit topics we usually do in the office, but with a virtual/remote approach to adapt to the current situation. Finally, a webinar you should attend with the topic of Augmented Introspection, around real cases of companies that have adopted remote working. Keep learning, stay safe and be positive “Self 2.0”.


How to Increase Collaborative Productivity in a Pandemic by Lynda Gratton at MITSloan

Most companies are currently in the state of reacting and responding. It’s now time to take a close look at the question of what the rebuilding phase might look like, specifically in the context of home-office working.

Don’t Let Your Strategy Be Hijacked by Carsten Lund Pedersen at MITSloan

Strategies become hijacked due to technological developments and changes in consumer behavior. By learning how to anticipate future strategy hijacks, you can preempt and manage consumer backlash.

Leaders Must Have the Courage to Choose the Future by Scott D. Anthony at MITSloan

We may think that the time of the COVID-19 crisis is a time to focus on the present. However, short-term uncertainty makes it even more essential to think about what’s next.


Getting Beyond Remote: Empowering “The Next AI” by MIT Sloan School of Management

For serious organizations, the pandemic has provoked new recognition around both the potential and real value of high-performance “workplace analytics”. For the distributed/dispersed digital workforce, the AI that matters most focuses more on “Augmented Introspection” than “Artificial Intelligence”. This brief talk highlights “real world” insights from organizations that have chosen to use “remote work” as a way revisit and redefine high performance fundamentals.


Onboarding New Hires as a Manager by Todd Dewett

Explore the work you need to do as a manager before a new employee’s first day, and find out about ways to make their first 90 days and beyond a successful experience for everyone. Discover the value of tasking another employee to act as a guide for your new employee, and find out about the role of human resources in the onboarding process. (32 mins)

Delegating Tasks by Dorie Clark

These days, we’re all overwhelmed. We can’t make more time, and our professional obligations aren’t going away. The only answer is delegation. Delegation is key for managers as you ascend in your organization. But even if you’re just starting out and don’t have any direct reports, there will be times you’ll need to delegate to colleagues-which can be awkward. Learn the right way to get help and still maintain your high-quality standards. (34 mins)

Sanyin Siang on Strategic Mentoring by Sanyin Siang

While the mentorship-apprenticeship model is as old as the trade guilds, one’s ability to mentor plays a deeper role in today’s complex business environment. Strategic mentorship, which emphasizes professional growth through the mentorship of others, is no longer an option, but an imperative for effective leadership.

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