30min for your development with Lynda #1


Today I want to share 3 recommendations for your learning time over the weekend; something you can do with the first coffee on Sunday morning.

Creative Thinking by Drew Boyd

In this course Drew proposes a method to harvest creativity which is an interesting approach; you will realise how creative people use the same structure or template, to produce creative products again and again, and we can do the same. The Introduction and sections 1 and 2, will give you to cover 30 mins but if you get exited, you can complete it in 47 mins.

Using Questions to Foster Critical Thinking and Curiosity by Joshua Miller

Sometimes you just need to refresh on how to do simple stuff, this is a course to refresh your knowledge about how to make powerful questions, an interesting practice for coaching and for life. The course is only 31 mins.

DevOps Foundations by Ernest Mueller and James Wickett

This is a bit more technical course but still an introduction, you will learn DevOps vocabulary and understand what tools and processes are involved. You will understand why DevOps is more than a role title. Introduction and sections 1 and 2 are under 30 mins but give you a good start.

Hope you enjoy and share your comments below
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