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For the upcoming weekend, we have a playlist to improve our managerial skills. In this we have a course to explore leadership and build collaborative relationships, a course to help to polish knowledge about communicating ideas you want to sale inside your company and finally, a course full of tips to manage your time, all of this to build a better us, “Self 2.0”.

Collaborative Leadership by Carol Kinsey Goman

The leader’s new role is to create an environment in which people choose to participate and contribute. In this course Carol will share handy tips to promote collaboration form your leadership position, giving technique to read the body language, brainstorming and design collaborative meetings. You will gain insights and skills to build collaborative relationships within your team and across the organization. It is easy to follow and lasts only 37 mins.

Pitching Your Ideas Strategically by Todd Dewett

When you have an idea at work that you are sure is worth the effort, what you do? with who you share it at work? when is the right moment to share and who are the key people need to engage? The responses and tips about these topics are in this short course. After this, you never going to approach to a meeting in the same way. This short course is only 23 mins.

Time Management Fundamentals by Dave Crenshaw

How many times we say “I would like to have more time”, well it happens that the time is the same for all. It doesn’t come in bottles and more time can’t be bought. the important thing is what we do with the time we have, how we prioritise these activities we want to do and stop procrastinating with time-consuming activities that are not in our priority list. In this course, Dave gives practical tips to manage better our agenda. The length of this course is 3 hours, I recommend you take it in 30 minutes chunks.

Hope you enjoy this selection and share your comments below
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