30min for your development with Lynda #12

Another weekend and a new playlist for you, this is probably the shortest one of the whole series. In the last playlist we talk about Digital Transformation, which implies a change in processes, today will explore bureaucracy, slow and complex processes not suitable for the speed of the world, we will also learn about transformational approaches, finishing with a course centred in change management. We continue adding skills to our toolbox to build a better professional “Self 2.0

Gary Hamel on Busting Bureaucracy

This is not a course in Digital Transformation but it should be; as in this course, Gary will encourage you to challenge bureaucracy and current processes in a way to improve the speed of your organisation. Companies ready for the future have innovative leaders and promote creativity among employees. Gary Hamel outlines what you can do to bust bureaucracy whatever your role and whatever your position. The full course is 1 hour.

Aaron Dignan on Transformational Change

What’s stopping you from doing the best work of your life? With this question, Aaron starts analysing organisations and digging into the elements that need to change behaviour to effectively produce a sustainable change, by taking risks, experimenting, and adopting new patterns and approaches that stray from the traditional top-down-mandate model. This talk can be completed in 18 mins.

Leading Your Team Through Change by Mike Derezin

Mike Derezin works at LinkedIn as a senior leader in LinkedIn Learning Solutions. In this talk, he shares how LinkedIn uses tow frameworks the Support Continuum and the Five-Step Reinforcement to drive any change they need to introduce to the business. Mike also shares insights from his experience, including how to address active and passive resisters, and hold people accountable for making change happen. This is an easy course of only 20 mins full of great insights.

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