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This next weekend promise to be a sunny one here in the UK, a good one to take short lessons. In today’s playlist, we will be learning about Leadership, Flexibility as Leaders and Diversity and Inclusion in large companies. We continue adding skills to our bag to build a better us “Self 2.0

Adaptive Project Leadership by Kelley OConnell

I took this course a few days ago and I discover it is brilliantly crafted, it includes general tips on the evolution of leadership and tips to make you a contemporary leader. It teaches adaptive project leadership techniques to help you keep up with the pace of change, also covers strategies and skills such as lean product management, adaptive thinking, and agile leadership. This is a short course of 47 mins.

Leading and Working in Teams by Amy Edmondson

Imagine if we can bring into organizations the same “teaming” clinicians have when they are in an emergency room. In an emergency room not necessarily they know each other, and probably they haven’t spoken before; how they can work together to figure out what is happening and apply the correct treatment to the patient. There need to be something else. In this course Amy Edmondson how those teams work and what is necessary to trigger that behaviour. You can complete this course in 25 mins.

Diversity and Inclusion in a Global Enterprise by Stefanie Johnson

Finding ways to effectively lead diversity efforts are often seen as the grand challenge for today’s leaders, particularly when you consider the complexity of a global workforce. In this course, Stefanie Johnson discusses the benefits of diversity in general, and shares ways organizations can enhance diversity and inclusion in different cultural contexts. To complete this course will take you only 50 mins.

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