30min for your development with Lynda #14


Hi folks, it is an exciting day because we have a new playlist!!! Today we will be learning about Stress and how to handle it, also about Leadership from your position, not your title and an introduction about how digital transformation is changing the way we learn. We continue adding skills to our self to build a better us “Self 2.0

Managing Stress by Todd Dewett

This is a short course, only 21 minutes to give you some tips to keep your stress away; if you work in a Service Organization, please take this course (for your wellbeing). Todd will share his experience to identify and manage stress in an easy way. this course is a capsule of 21 minutes.

Transformational Leadership by Henna Inam

Let me introduce this course with 3 words Innovation, Engagement and Growth. This is an inspirational course and oriented to those to want to make a difference and have not a fancy title. Henna shares specific practices any leader or aspiring leader, can leverage to discover values, identify a purpose, and define a vision. The length is 1 hour 7 mins, so take a break but stick to it.

The Digital Transformation of Learning by Daniel Brigham

During last weeks I have been honoured to participate in a session to talk about Learning, trying to discover what can we do to improve the consumption of knowledge in a digital way. I want to invite you all to take this course as an introduction on what an how we can do. Daniel has more than 20 years of experience on this topic and we certainly can learn something from him. This course is only 49 minutes.

Hope you enjoy this selection and share your comments below
Happy Learning

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