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Is finally Friday and a new playlist for the weekend (or when you want) The first recommendation is a course with techniques to develop others, to help others to become first-time managers, the second one is a course in negotiation, a topic for life; and the last one is a course in communication during crisis, because we need to know how and to whom we communicate when the things go wrong. We continue adding skills to our profile to build a better professional “Self 2.0

Developing Managers in Organizations by Roberta Matuson

In this course, Roberta will share her experience in How to build a leader. As a manager in a healthy organisation, you need to build your line of succession, helping others to become a first-time manager to take over greater challenges. But develop others is a great responsibility and you will need help and resources to help others to acquire those skills. In 58 min this course will give you a great set of tools to start.

Strategic Negotiation by Mike Figliuolo

People say that negotiation is an Art, because is the balancing act between to different interest joined for a common desire (complete a purchase/sale). The Purchase/Sale exercise is the most common situation of negotiation, but negotiating is an everyday exercise. In this course, Mike will share some tips to improve your negotiating skills, as well as common mistakes and how to avoid them. The length of this course is 47 minutes.

Crisis Communication by Laura Bergells

You are doing business, thinking in Grow, Performance and Transformation of the Business and then something happens, it could be a problem with a product, a glitch in the system or even an external factor affecting your business. How to deal with it? How to keep your stakeholders informed? Is a crisis. The duration of this course is about 1 hour, 30 mins will bring you over section 3, then you can decide if continue or come back later.

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