30min for your development with Lynda #16

Hello guys, here another playlist for you, while you enjoy the first coffee on Saturday. I am trying to have the playlist early, but I have been really busy, anyway if you can’t make 30 min on weekend, feel free to download the courses for the week. In today’s playlist, we will have Digital Leadership, Social Leadership and Creativity. More enjoyable knowledge to be a better professional “Self 2.0

Charlene Li on Digital Leadership by Charlene Li

If you only can take one course, it is the one. If someone asks you what course to watch, with no doubt recommend it. In this course Charlene will inspire and show you how to be a better digital leader; you have influence in your organization derivated of your role, but how to effectively lead in a digital era, where you need to listen and act quickly, and more important be present. This is a one hour course but, I promise you, it worth the time.

Ryan Holmes on Social Leadership by Ryan Holmes

This is a short interview (15 mins) with Ryan Holmes from Hootsuite, to continue with our track of social and digital leadership. Many companies are in the journey of digital transformation, but their leadership still stuck in the view that Social Media is for young people; think twice and watch this talk. The “Like” or “Thumbs up” is not enough any more, be present is what really engage.

Unlock Your Team’s Creativity by Lisa Bodell

What I like about this course, is that Lisa will give you the why and real examples how to apply the techniques immediately, is the most closer to hand-on experience. In it, she presents a perspective of the leader that enables others as the key to unlock collective potential. This course lasts 40 minutes. As everything related to innovation and creativity, I love it.

Hope you enjoy this selection and share your comments below
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