30min for your development with Lynda #17

Today I am trying to have the playlist early so you can download it in advance and prepared for the weekend or the week ahead. In today’s playlist we will be taking a course about Innovation but from the view of Marketing, this is to understand similarities in challenges and how we can help, then we will be talking about stories and how to craft your owns to inspire others, and finally how to become a credible leader and recognise where we need to improve; knowledge to be a better professional while build a better us “Self 2.0

CMO Foundations: Driving Innovation by Drew Boyd

This course is not directly related to IT or Technology it is oriented to Marketing Executives, but have a common topic that we should explore, to better understand how Marketing departments deal with Innovation and the challenges they face. This course will show us how they see innovation from their perspective, it will give us clues and understanding of how/where we can help and bring value. This is a short course of only 42 minutes, with a well know LinkedIn Author Drew Boyd.

Stories Every Leader Should Tell by Paul A. Smith

This is a course where Paul will share 10 Stories and the way you can craft your own. With simple steps, you can convert that past experiences in inspiring stories you can use in your speeches, with the relevant content for the audience; it will make you a better leader and one that inspire others, by helping them to visualise success. This course lasts for 45 minutes and will be great for your next big speech.

Developing Credibility as a Leader by Dorie Clark

Once you are in a managerial position you face different challenges, it is no longer about you, it is about your team. To succeed in the demanding challenges you will experience, you need to be recognised as a credible motivational Leader. In this course, Dorie will share tips with you to help develop your credibility as Leader and also to identify where you need to improve. This is a short course of only 35 minutes.

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