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Hi there, let us prepare ourselves for an intense weekend or week with heavy but worthy courses. In this playlist we will be taking a mini-track in Communication and Change Management, starting with a course in Communication, then a course about Change management and finally a course to put all together in social networks, which could be internal or external. Invest time in yourself, break the daily routine and start building a better version of yourself “Self 2.0

Communication Foundations by Tatiana Kolovou and Brenda Bailey-Hughes

Warren Buffet, once told that communication was the one skill he wished he had learned more about while he was in college, because communication improves the value you bring to your company. In this course join Tatiana and Brenda to learn how to communicate more effectively in a variety of professional situations, building the core competency and communicate in a way that effectively and professionally conveys your message. This course will take 3 session of 35 minutes to complete.

Change Management Foundations by Bob McGannon

This course explores the approaches, techniques, and pitfalls that change managers face as they drive organizational change. Change Management adress the issue on the change of enviroments and responsabilities. Change is hard, but necessary for businesses to thrive and survive. This course is 1 hour and 40 minutes long, which you could divide in 3 sessions of 35 minutes.

Social Media for Leadership by Brian Honigman

Social Networks provide an invaluable opportunity to humanise companies and connect directly with consumers. Used in the right way, it allows companies to listen to proactively consumer and handle effectively a crisis while showing care for their products and users. In this 57 minutes course, Brian will share some tips on how to get advantage of the social platform and represent effectively your company or even your business unit.

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