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The recommendations for the next week are here! We will be learning about Digital Transformation, Innovation and Developing our Teams, this is a small track from transformation to realisation by managing and promoting Innovation among our teams. This playlist is based on courses from LinkedIn Learning also available in Lynda. Download the content and prepare for the upcoming week. Remember, learning is a continuous task, “Self 2.0”.

Digital Transformation by Peter High

In this course, Peter High will guide you to understand the meaning of Digital Transformation, How it materialise, the implications for people, processes, and technology; the risks and rewards of it. Learn about the different stages of digital maturity, and the best ways to draw inspiration and insights from digital native companies as well as from digital immigrant companies. This is an Advance Course that last 48 minutes.

Business Innovation Foundations by Drew Boyd

There is no doubt that innovation propels companies forward and gives businesses a distinct competitive advantage. Learn how to innovate using Systematic Inventive Thinking, a method that allows you to innovate on demand. In this course, Drew provides real-world examples of innovation in practice and suggests places to find opportunities to innovate. This course is 3 hours long, but easy to follow.

Developing Your Team Members by Mike Figliuolo

In this course, Mike Figliuolo shares a practical approach that can help you address the unique needs of your team members and determine how to best allocate your time in their development. Mike shares how to inspire and grow your rising stars, motivate low performers and avoid leadership pitfalls. To complete this course you will need 55 minutes.

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