30min for your development with Lynda #4


Hey People! Today we have another exciting playlist for the upcoming weekend; we will continue with Design Thinking and Innovation, additionally a course about Entrepreneurship with a twist that is really interesting. All this new knowledge is to build a better us, “Self 2.0”.

Design Thinking: Implementing the Process by Chris Nodder

The last Friday’s playlist included the overview course on Design Thinking, this new is the next step, to move you to the implementation phase. As Chris mentioned this is the series of training you should take if you are planning a Software Project or if you are due to participate in one. Also, will discuss the common issues present during design thinking sessions and the traps that people fall into when using the process the first time. The first 30 mins will bring you to the end of section 4, with only 16 minutes more to complete it.

Enhancing Team Innovation by Gemma Leigh Roberts

In this course, Gemma will help us to understand how to include innovation as part of our BAU for high-performing teams. Touching concepts like Failure, Experimentation and Reflection, so we can create an adequate space for those teams to achieve their full potential. The total duration is 1 hour and 14 mins, but until the end of section 2 is 30 mins.

Become an Entrepreneur Inside a Company by Robbie Kellman Baxter

Have you ever hear “We need to act as a Start-up”, probably more often than you should, this course is to learn about that. Robbie Kellman will explain from her experience in the field, how this should be done, how you can bring those concepts inside a large organisation and how to overcome the challenges you will face. An interesting lesson you will learn from this course is when to stop and move to another idea, sometimes is just no the right time. This is a short course only 57 mins, for sure you will get hook into and complete the same day.

As always, hope you enjoy and share your comments below

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