30min for your development with Lynda #6


What a great weekend ahead, but we can make it even better, here are some suggestions for your development. Today recommendations include a course for sharpening your decision-making skills as well as a technical course for those more techies. All of it is part of the journey to build a better us, “Self 2.0”.

Improving Your Judgment by Drew Boyd

Every day at work we are in the decision-making mood; but how good we are making decisions? Do we evaluate ourselves after the decision is made to improve next time? How do we know what is the best decision? Do we have all the insights? This course is about addressing those questions and the processes around balancing our decision as well as recognise when we are under bias and how to avoid it. This is a short course only 26 mins.

Leading with Intelligent Disobedience by Bob McGannon

Processes are absolutely fine, are there so you don’t need to think next time the same situation arises, it is well documented and established; but what happens when the situation is not covered by the process? Nowadays many companies want to have the decision-making process at the right level to minimise the delays and to improve the speed to market, what a better tool than a guide to confidently and respectfully disobey, to maximise the benefit for your company. This course is only 34 mins long.

Learning Python by Joe Marini

This will be one of the Technical courses to start a trip to become a Data Scientist. Initially, we need tools and the first one will be a programming language that offers great advantages for data manipulation and visualisation. This course will give you the basic understanding of Python, during the initial 30 mins you will learn the basic instructions, from the installation to the “Hello World!”.

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