30min for your development with Lynda #7


A busy week, but finally here’s my playlist with recommendations for this weekend. We continue with insightful courses about management and strategy in the digital space and a technical course, in this journey to create a better you, “Self 2.0

Assessing Digital Maturity by Peter High

The buzzy words Digital Transformation meets reality. In this course, Peter shares insight helping to recognise where we are in the digital journey providing a necessary reality check and clarifying misconceptions created around the buzz words. Digital Transformation is not a destination is a journey, then we need a compass and this course gives you exactly that. Please invest 40 mins in this course, it worth it.

Jeff Dyer on Innovation

Innovation is a really fascinating topic, but how the innovators from Amazon, Google and others started their journey? How does the process work? this course gives you real examples from many companies, from the techniques to harvest innovation, to the implementation. Jeff also uses a great story-telling technique that makes the course easy. The total length is 1 hour, good for two 30 mins sessions on Saturday and Sunday. Also, this training gives you 1 PDU towards PMI certifications.

Python Projects by Burkhard Meier

To continue with a bit of technical development, this is a course based in python to continue building the skills we will need for small Data Science Projects. This course is a good collection of small projects with the intention to use python in real-world applications. In the first 30 mins, you will be creating a simple game, so very hands-on experience.

Hope you enjoy this selection and share your comments below
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