30min for your development with Lynda #9


Today a new playlist for the weekend, we will be working with some exercises for your Creativity, getting notes from professional Coach to improve our coaching skills and continuing with our Track to develop as Data Scientist. We need to be better at work, yes, but we also need to take the opportunity to evolve as professional, “Self 2.0”.

Creativity for All by Ben Long, Amy Wynne and others

Creativity For All is a course for those that are looking for stories from creative people, what they do? Is there any exercise? How can I improve? It’s inspirational and provides you with the techniques to unlock your brain and propitiate the spark moment. This is not a one-off course, it’s delivered every week which makes easy to follow. Please tune in on Fridays for a new video. This weekend I encourage you to start watching the exercises for the brain Ben propose.

Executive Coaching by John Ullmen

If Coaching and helping others is your passion, and you want to know how professionals do it, this course is for you. John presents coaching with a mindset centred in the Coachee, guiding them through this learning process, supporting them as they discover how to lead even more effectively. I recommend taking this if you are starting to use the coaching techniques to develop your team and you need to polish your style. The course is easy to follow, in the initial 30 mins, you will be ready to work with a Development Plan.

Data Science Foundations: Data Mining by Barton Poulson

Continuing with the technical track for Data Science, this course gives you the essentials for processing collections of data, from connecting to data sources using different languages to filtering and preparing the data to feed a model. Also, you will learn about Linear Regression, Classification and Clustering. The course is 4 hours 40 mins long, but you can do thin in chunks of 30 minutes or by sections.

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