About me

Chatting with Alan in Manchester

A brief about me and how all started.

I have been involved in Technology since I was 12yo, but I didn’t start as many people, playing with computers, I actually started with curiosity about What is this “computer” thing about'?

I was offered to start a formal course as a Programmer but I didn’t have the age to take it, but my father arranged for me to be able to attend, I was a child among a bunch of adults studying to be a programmer, more than 30 years later here I am.

I am mainly driven by my curiosity and desire to know about everything.

Formally working since 2000, when I started in the Petroleum industry, going through the Retail industry and now in the manufacturing industry. Always in Technology, designing apps and integrations, trying new things and managing projects, and lately managing teams locally and scatter throughout the world.

My hobbies are of course technology-related if is cars is about the technology in engines, mods, ECU programming; electronics with Arduino or Raspberry, Programming trying a new language or paradigm, and Management, reading and discussing techniques and approaches to get the job done.

I am always looking for new challenges that allow me to put into practice my managerial skills to deliver business value backed by my knowledge in Technology.

In my blog, I will be sharing my findings in different areas related to technology or promoting learning new things, and in the stories section I will share the situations I have encountered during these +30 years and how to approach them to make the most, of course, those are based in true events but not related to any specific company.