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Here you will find a selection of upcoming events from different sources and the links to the registration pages.

Image: by Andrew Gook on Unsplash What have I been doing these days?

What have I been doing these days? Well, I believe that getting some knowledge is very important, but just uploading your brain with it is not what I think we should do.

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I am a fan of lighttpd, I think is easy in resources and easy to configure; but there are other great players and NGINX is a great alternative with tons of resources available on the internet and a great comunity and documentation.

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I have prepared a recipe to install a Debian server from scratch. It is the way I do that for my projects. This time I will use an old laptop as the hardware.

This recipe is about the Export-WindowsDriver cmdlet in Windows and how to use it to export the drivers present in a running windows installation to a directory.

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During the last few weeks, I was the victim of my curiosity and started reading/researching about the way we learn and how, by knowing that, we can improve our experience with on-line learning, and now I want to share my findings.