Stickers from events

Stickers from events

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I was looking my bag of sticker I collected from the events I was invited this year, and thinking about what is the offer from those companies? have they free options? Let's check it...

NuoDB -

  • NuoDB is a distribuited relational SQL database
  • Offers a free option to start a small project, is no free software but you can have a start. No free training
  • Good quality stickers and with right size, looks durable so you can clean them

NodeSource -

  • source monitoring platform for node.js
  • have a free tier for developer, at least good for entry level
  • stickers with good material, but not a good design and very boring in terms of color conbination. If you need to fill an space go for it.


  • is a BOT platform, to be used in your site or in a integration with Slack for example
  • you can build your own scipts and work very well for automating tasks
  • the sticker is a quality sticker it will be noticed, my only "bad" comment is that doesn't say that is promoted by github (they created it)

Instana -

  • is an application performance monitor
  • offer only a trial for 14 days, for me is not as good to be promoted if you are a developer, but is another option.
  • sticker is nornal and design is a bit catchy with the blue/black combination. But no something would like to use in my laptop (principle 1: not free)

Clearvision -

  • is a consultancy firm and a partner of Atlassian,
  • they offer training and integrations but nothing for free
  • the stickers are good quality, catchy phrases with an small logo.

GitLab -

  • they are a software company that offer all the tools your team will need fr DevOps
  • they have a free plan for individuals (I am using it for my personal projects)
  • the stickers are good, with catchy colors and shape -

  • this comapny offer to manage your identity and personal data
  • for individual is free and you can connect other 15000 aplications to your account
  • the sticker is just normal quality and boring desing in black

ConsenSys -

  • honestly I spend 30 minutes reading the about page to try to understand what that company is about, so is a comapny that says they are in the blockchain business and the do acquisitions.
  • nothing to do with software, I suppose the presence in those events is to attract people and buy their companies
  • Sticker, well just you don't need it.

CloudFactory -

  • in understandable terms, is a company that take care of your cloud.
  • they use "different technologies" to monitor your infra, I was trying to get more information so you can recomend it, but there is nothing.
  • sticker have good design, but is nothing free there so why I am going to promote it in my laptop?

Sumologic -

  • they have a software monitoring tool you interesting design
  • have a free version up to 500MB/day (will be like a server in normal operation) and no credit card is needed
  • sticker is good, and good desing with white/blue/black with simple a line line of text, for a side in your laptop will be perfect

aqua -

  • this company they offer secure your microservice infra, working with kubernets and docker
  • the producto is not free, and you need to request a demo, boring if you are trying it as consultant to recommend them
  • the sticker is good quality (I will say also that looks like water proof) with colorful combinations, but as no free product why you will promote it?

Jira -

  • is an issue traking software from Atlassian
  • they don't have free version
  • sticker is good quality, I like the fact that is a combination of blue and the logo, if you are a Jira customer go ahead

StudioGraphene -

  • they are a software house, so they build aplications with really sharp look&feel
  • the work with you to produce the aplication ussgin what is available in the market
  • in the last evenet the have a individual bag prepared with all the stikect for you, amazing and simple idea. Recomended if you are one of theis clients.
  • they could publish paper or have some sort of free goodies (code snipets for example)

Trailahead -

  • this a educational source, they are specialised in training for Sales Force
  • they have free trainigns (I like that) so you can exercise your skills in Sales Force or learn about it.
  • the stickers are good quality and have few models, with the perfect size and shape

MongoDB -

  • mongoDb is a noSQL database based in documents with JSON format
  • the offer free version of their product and also a free hosted one where you can practice or start your projects one you complet the training that also is free. For me thi sis a GREAT company.
  • the Stikers are good quality and they produced an especial version for the event in London with the Big Ben, the size is perfect and the one with only the leaf are my prefered ones.

New Relic -

  • is a company that produce software for monitoring your IT infrastructure, they have solution for a wide variety of cases including mobile
  • the only offer some trial period in some products other you will need to requet a demso, if you need to evaluate or recomend somethign you will need to invest some time
  • the stiskers are good quality, some are big in size so no much to do at least you are a customer

OpsGenie -

  • alerting and monitoring system with diferent options
  • only offer 14 days trial, which is no good if you are looking to understand how this works and the integrations, no trainign material available
  • masive sticker, good quality and almost water proof, if you are a client probably you will enjoy


  • is an accelerator helping startups with they program for accessing their mentors and network, let's see.
  • nothing free there
  • sticker is a shame just a white rectangle with the name of the company on it
  • definitely looks like they are going to make money from you, probably you fail in your business but you will pay

Waves -

  • WAVES is a decentralized blockchain platform focusing on custom blockchain tokens operations. online wallet
  • they offer for you their api so you can build your application an make use of their technology
  • the stickers quality is very good and they have different size

LogicMonitor -

  • SaaS-based performance monitoring for modern IT infrastructure. Monitoring tools for cloud environment
  • trial only for 14 days
  • stickers just normal, white letters in black background

Couschbase -

  • is a NoSQL database, they offer a interesting product as alternative to Mongo, also have trainings available
  • the server can be downloaded for free for develoment environment with support from the forums
  • sticker is rounded lke the company logo, quality is just average

Impervia INCAPSULA -

  • security company offering DDoS protection with three plans
  • no option for fre only the usual and complex DEMO request
  • sticker is big, nothing more that the ocmpany log which doesn't suggest anything. Nothing to consider. -

  • is a marketing company which offer resources for designers with a library of images and videos powered by IA (what is that, well you need to put IA to be trendding)
  • no free options or trial
  • for a marketing kind of company the sticker is just a NO

AVI Networks -

  • delivers Intent-Based Application Services, they promise they can replace Cisco and F5/Citrix
  • no free option, but you can request a demo
  • the stickers have catchy phrases if but normal quality

Confluence -

  • is a team collaboration/knowledge management and wiki system from atlassian
  • they have trial for 14 days but no free option (like in the case of bitbucket)
  • stickers are ok, like in the case of jira

Jenkins -

  • open source automation server, with plugins to support building, deploying and automating any project.
  • is open so you can download and install it, documentation is widely available
  • the Stickers are nicegood quality and different shapes, I loke the fact that is a character and they just put it with different cloth

Aler Logic -

  • they provide managed security service. an interesting fact is that they are a security company and the detect that I have an ad-blocker and they ask to deactivate this to fill-up the contact form, so it is not good for a security company.
  • no free options you need to call them for a demo
  • stickers are no a big dela, no catchy.

ApiGee -

  • part of google cloud, they provide API management solution
  • they provide a free account with 100K for one user and one environment
  • sticker is a big circle with transparent background, I don't see that is good quality, and doesn't looks good to have that big spac in your laptop

Turbot -

  • provides real-time, automated configuration and control of software defined infrastructure. This will help you to automate for CD/CI
  • only demo available is you want to try it
  • the sticker is very good and catchy, but no free option

Pillar -

  • the Pillar wallet is your personal, secure, easy-to-use interface to the world of cryptocurrencies and tokens.
  • you can download the app in your App store
  • good quality stickers and good balanceof colors, size and shape. recomended if you are in the ICO world


  • artificial Intelligence delivering the most advanced predictive analytics to extract maximum value from your data
  • no demos of free access
  • sticker poor quality, looks like was an in-house production. The color combination and font type is just powerpoint like

Elasticsearch -

  • they offer a suit for monitoring all your infra and tools to manage all the data and do analisys on it
  • all the software is open source with good cocumentation
  • sticker are normal quality with good size and a rounded shape that looks unique

Cloudability -

  • they help you ion your cloud journey (they are reseller for the 3 big players
  • only offer 14 days trial period
  • sticker is just normal with black background and white cloud with a yellow lighting no a great design

DataDog -

  • they provide a good software for collecting logs and data analisys
  • they have a free version with limited capabilities
  • stickers are really good, good design and durable construction

DB MAestro -

  • DBmaestro’s platform paves the road to safe implementation of CI/CD for the database. As far I can see is a producto to enable CD/CI on top of Oracle as DB
  • no free version, only demos
  • this sticker is really good, super catchy and resistant construction, as no free option I will discard this

Spotinst -

  • they provise a predictive tool, so automatically adjust your cloud enviroment configuration to aim fro 100% availability
  • no free version
  • very good constriction durable and water proof

red-gate -

  • tools for microsoft platform and products
  • they have few free tools, but the main products only have demos
  • this sticker is just there good constrution, is a circle with black background and design in red, if you use those tools go for it

Claranet -

  • cloud migration services and operations managed
  • as is a service company doesnt have rfee software
  • sticker are good quality and in different shapes

ParallelML -

  • machine learning operationalization, with differents ML technologies
  • no free products or versions
  • really good stickers with good design and durable consruction

OwnBackup -

  • this company provides data recovery, data protection and information security tools for your cloud environment.
  • no freebies, onl demo accounts
  • the sticker is very good quality,the image there is a pint of beer and in the foam the name of the company, its prefect but no free software, so is agains my rule

BeMyApp -

  • this company organise hackathons for your company, so you can cultivate programmers and promote your API, for example
  • no free software but they ahve news letter so you can be part of the hackathons they organise
  • stickers are normal, normal quality, no really good design

Site24x7 -

  • those guys provide you with monitoring tools for your site, you infra, your AP, almost everything
  • no free versions of none of the products
  • those where the best stickers, different sizes, good wording and durable construction. but nothign free so ...

MorpheusData -

  • connect developers to self-service infrastructure across virtually any cloud and platform, manage the complete application lifecycle
  • no free version of the software, only demos that could be tailored to your needs
  • the sticker was one of those rare ones, they printered on top of the acrilic surface so it peels easily, obviosly a mistake

They where other like for example:

  • CenturyLink (is just a business card sticker - bad aspect)
  • Barracuda (bad quality no identification)
  • cloudreach (design that only them will understand) I just discarted them as the intention for sure never was to have a decent sticker.

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