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Today Gartner is hosting a webinar with the topic: Q2 IT Spend Forecast: Is There Growth Within a Recession?. The registration link is here, it will start at 4:00 p.m. BST. Register Now!

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This recipe is about the dig command in Unix and some useful examples, which you can find interesting when scripting or when need to check your address from inside the machine that you are accessing by the private network.

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The playlist to start the year have a lot of interesting content. Initially a reading from Gartner with insights about the trends in technology for 2020 and 3 courses to develop our leadership skills and have the tools to better support our teams, we will be learning about Effective Listening, Enhancing Resilience and Coaching and Developing Employees. With this material you will be building-up your skills to have a successful year. Bring your energy and new learning goals. "Self 2.0".

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This week is Christmas week, to celebrate I have prepared a new playlist that includes courses as well as readings to enjoy if you have some minutes for yourself. Keep learning and prepare yourself, take your time to update your toolbox "Self 2.0".

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Today's playlist is dedicated to reflecting as Leader and Manager for on the future of companies and leaders in the new digital era. There are 3 readings are from MITSloan and Boston Consulting Group (BCG) grounded in their investigation. Keep learning and prepare yourself and take your time to update your toolbox, "Self 2.0".

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Today's playlist is a bit different; in this will be learning about the Scale Agile Framework (SAFe). Starting with an introduction of the framework from the Agile Digest, then we will explore the videos from Edureka about the topic. Keep learning and prepare yourself and take your time to update your toolbox, "Self 2.0".

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The playlist today is a track for Product Managers. Starting with Problem Solving Techniques, Designing and Running Experiments and finally Communication. Download the content and prepare yourself for the upcoming week. Remember, learning is a continuous task, "Self 2.0".