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Here you will find a selection of upcoming events from different sources and the links to the registration pages.

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Hi there, let us prepare ourselves for an intense weekend or week with heavy but worthy courses. In this playlist we will be taking a mini-track in Communication and Change Management, starting with a course in Communication, then a course about Change management and finally a course to put all together in social networks, which could be internal or external. Invest time in yourself, break the daily routine and start building a better version of yourself "Self 2.0"

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Today's playlist is for the next week, so you have the weekend to download the courses to watch over the week. The first course is about Leaders and High Potential Leaders, in this Ram Charan will share his advice backed up by his years of experience; the second course is from Todd Dewett and is about being a better leader, don't miss it. The last one is with Kelley OConnell is a continuation of your development in Agile. Take one hour of your daily routine of watching TV and start building a better version of yourself "Self 2.0"

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Hello there, I know you have been waiting for a selection of courses for this weekend while the weather is not necessarily the best (at least in the UK) In today's playlist we will be digging into the Digital Transformation from the HR perspective (don't miss it), also learning about changes and how to get the most of it (a matter of perspective) and finally about embedding creativity within the organization; all of it to be a better professional while building a better us "Self 2.0"

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Today I am trying to have the playlist early so you can download it in advance and prepared for the weekend or the week ahead. In today's playlist we will be taking a course about Innovation but from the view of Marketing, this is to understand similarities in challenges and how we can help, then we will be talking about stories and how to craft your owns to inspire others, and finally how to become a credible leader and recognise where we need to improve; knowledge to be a better professional while build a better us "Self 2.0"

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Hello guys, here another playlist for you, while you enjoy the first coffee on Saturday. I am trying to have the playlist early, but I have been really busy, anyway if you can't make 30 min on weekend, feel free to download the courses for the week. In today's playlist, we will have Digital Leadership, Social Leadership and Creativity. More enjoyable knowledge to be a better professional "Self 2.0"

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Is finally Friday and a new playlist for the weekend (or when you want) The first recommendation is a course with techniques to develop others, to help others to become first-time managers, the second one is a course in negotiation, a topic for life; and the last one is a course in communication during crisis, because we need to know how and to whom we communicate when the things go wrong. We continue adding skills to our profile to build a better professional "Self 2.0"