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Here you will find a selection of upcoming events from different sources and the links to the registration pages.

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After college or university, we usually stop to formally take a class; this makes the rhythm and habit of acquiring new knowledge decrease and like any other muscle, that part of the brain become lazy and loses its strength. Recover from this requires determination, stay focus and keep going attitude to be on the top again.

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A few weeks ago I was playing with a PowerShell script to read some values from the BIOS. Here the key commands in case you need it.

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Hi folks, it is an exciting day because we have a new playlist!!! Today we will be learning about Stress and how to handle it, also about Leadership from your position, not your title and an introduction about how digital transformation is changing the way we learn. We continue adding skills to our self to build a better us "Self 2.0"

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This next weekend promise to be a sunny one here in the UK, a good one to take short lessons. In today's playlist, we will be learning about Leadership, Flexibility as Leaders and Diversity and Inclusion in large companies. We continue adding skills to our bag to build a better us "Self 2.0"

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Another weekend and a new playlist for you, this is probably the shortest one of the whole series. In the last playlist we talk about Digital Transformation, which implies a change in processes, today will explore bureaucracy, slow and complex processes not suitable for the speed of the world, we will also learn about transformational approaches, finishing with a course centred in change management. We continue adding skills to our toolbox to build a better professional "Self 2.0"

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For the upcoming weekend, we have a playlist to improve our managerial skills. In this we have a course to explore leadership and build collaborative relationships, a course to help to polish knowledge about communicating ideas you want to sale inside your company and finally, a course full of tips to manage your time, all of this to build a better us, "Self 2.0".