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Here you will find a selection of upcoming events from different sources and the links to the registration pages.

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This playlist is stunning, it covers all you need to know and a recipe on how to re-start your company after the pandemic. It includes reports from McKinsey, Gartner, BCG, Sibylline and WorldAware, on how to recover from the crisis, and how to validate your plans, also where you should be focusing your efforts. The report from McKinsey is highly recommended, it shows how to structure your plan to ramp up your business, check out the section Planning and managing COVID-19 responses is a beautifully crafted "how-to", very easy to follow. If you need more insights, data and an independent view, check out the BONUS material, the guys from Sibylline have made available their weekly risk assessment report, and from WorldAware you can receive alerts with the situation around the world. The Courses section include topics like Advice for Leaders During a Crisis, Critical Thinking and Collaboration, useful skills to be better prepared for what is coming. Keep learning, stay safe and be positive, this crisis also will end "Self 2.0".

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Hello guys, here another playlist for you, while you enjoy the first coffee on Saturday. I am trying to have the playlist early, but I have been really busy, anyway if you can't make 30 min on weekend, feel free to download the courses for the week. In today's playlist, we will have Digital Leadership, Social Leadership and Creativity. More enjoyable knowledge to be a better professional "Self 2.0"

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Is finally Friday and a new playlist for the weekend (or when you want) The first recommendation is a course with techniques to develop others, to help others to become first-time managers, the second one is a course in negotiation, a topic for life; and the last one is a course in communication during crisis, because we need to know how and to whom we communicate when the things go wrong. We continue adding skills to our profile to build a better professional "Self 2.0"