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Here you will find a selection of upcoming events from different sources and the links to the registration pages.

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In this playlist, I have compiled a few great readings related to collaboration and productivity under the new scenario of remote working, and how to drive your strategy to success by anticipating technological changes. For courses we will refresh some typical manager activities from onboarding to mentoring, to revisit topics we usually do in the office, but with a virtual/remote approach to adapt to the current situation. Finally, a webinar you should attend with the topic of Augmented Introspection, around real cases of companies that have adopted remote working. Keep learning, stay safe and be positive "Self 2.0".

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Winter is coming! and many of us enjoy staying at home enjoying a book or doing a new course. Here my 3 recommendations for the week, Social Interactions for Multinational Teams, Leading Productive Meetings and Leading without Formal Authority. Download the content and prepare for the upcoming week. Remember, learning is a continuous task, "Self 2.0".

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The recommendations for the next week are here! We will be learning about Digital Transformation, Innovation and Developing our Teams, this is a small track from transformation to realisation by managing and promoting Innovation among our teams. This playlist is based on courses from LinkedIn Learning also available in Lynda. Download the content and prepare for the upcoming week. Remember, learning is a continuous task, "Self 2.0".

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My courses recommendations for the upcoming week, are related to Management, Diversity and Communication. The first course is for managers in diverse teams, with the wide meaning of diversity; the second is for young managers coming to lead a stablished team; and finally a course to get the best from Microsoft Teams, because nowadays remote and virtual teams are the norm, and we need to learn how to use the tools. Download the content and prepare for the upcoming week. Last 3 months of the year, is a good time to check how did you increase your value as professional, learning is a continuous task, "Self 2.0".

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Today's playlist is for the next week, so you have the weekend to download the courses to watch over the week. The first course is about Leaders and High Potential Leaders, in this Ram Charan will share his advice backed up by his years of experience; the second course is from Todd Dewett and is about being a better leader, don't miss it. The last one is with Kelley OConnell is a continuation of your development in Agile. Take one hour of your daily routine of watching TV and start building a better version of yourself "Self 2.0"