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After my post in Learning Style and the interest shown in the topic, I decided to share one of the courses I am taking on Coursera.

One day, I was searching about Learning Strategies and I came across a course called ‘Learning How to Learn’. This is a course for free in an online platform called Coursera, it’s part of the offer from the McMaster University and the University of California.

This is not a typical course about learning, the two professors that present the course are Psychologist and Neuroscientist, and they provide facts based on actual science.

As many courses available in Coursera, the knowledge is for free, but the certificates have a cost, in my case, it was ok because I just wanted the knowledge.

This course is divided in 4 weeks and you will need to dedicate between 1 to 4 hours per week; but hey, you can reset the deadlines if you are struggling.

If you want a sneak peek check one of the interviews they shared in youtube with Dr Robert Bilder an expert in Biology of Creativity, here the link.

The full course is available here.

Hope you enjoy and share your comments below

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