Our Friends in the Cloud Expo 19

I was in the Cloud Expo 2019 in London last Tuesday 12th at the ExCel, was a great opportunity to meet with old friends and know what the expo brought this year.

As always my main interes was to see what is the evolution in the opensource space, having a lot of companies playing with open source and big player like Amazon / Microsoft / Google supporting it, is sad that many of the exhibitors don’t provide a free tier or community edition.

Let me told you about few of the companies that were there:


Opsview Monitor offer a Free Plan which is perfect for small IT environments, providing reliable automated monitoring and the comprehensive coverage needed to improve operational efficiency. The Free Plan works well for teams who need to monitor up to 25 hosts, but with less capability than is available with an Opsview Monitor SMB Plan or Enterprise Plan subscription.


Harness is the industry’s first Continuous Delivery-as-a-Service platform that automates the CD process, uses machine learning to protect you when deployments fail, and equips you with enterprise-grade security every step of the way. The Lite Veriosn is free forever and include 3 pipelines for 3 user, which could be good for a small team that is trying to build an small project.


Dremio is the Data-as-a-Service Platform. Make your data engineers more productive, and your data consumers more self-sufficient.


The free commmunity edition is a single-node copy of the Exasol In-Memory Database that you can install and use on your own using your existing hardware (ISO or VM-Image). The free single-node edition is for commercial and private/academic use, up to 200GB of raw data, all features are active with support from the Community.

Puppet Bolt

Bolt from Puppet is an open source task runner that automates the manual work that you do to maintain your infrastructure. Use Bolt to automate tasks that you perform on your infrastructure on an as-needed basis, for example, when you troubleshoot a system, deploy an application, or stop and restart services. Bolt connects directly to remote nodes with SSH or WinRM, so you are not required to install any agent software. The Puppet ecosystem includes more than 40 open source projects, used by organizations around the globe. The projects range from testing tools to service frameworks to critical components for automating infrastructure management, such as executing one off tasks in a deployment workflow or hosting container images like Docker across the enterprise.


Cloudflare speeds up and protects millions of websites, APIs, SaaS services, and other properties connected to the Internet. Theirs Anycast technology enables benefits to scale with every server we add to our growing footprint of data centers.

This site ( is protected by them, they have a free tier with free access to foundational security and performance.