Were you with Lynda over the weekend?


Anyone took the challenge to start with Lynda over the weekend? Looks like Apple did and started with the Decomposition principle.

If you didn’t start yet, there still chance to do it and comment about your experience here. Invest time in yourself and start creating “Self 2.0”.

For those who took the challenge, I would like to invite you to check the announcements from Apple in the Worldwide Developers Conference (WWDC2019), not from an IT perspective this time, look what they did with the “Pro Display XDR”, a monitor from the Californian company.

This year they applied the Decomposition principle, mentioned by Drew Boyd in the Creative Think course, as a result they have removed the stand from the monitor, yes, now you buy the monitor for $4999 but not the stand. If you want the stand you will need to add $999. They added value by redesigning this piece, new the stand is a great work of engineering and design that allows you to move the display to a differents positions effortlessly, to adjust height, tilt and rotation to landscape or portrait.

Next Friday a new playlist and new recommendations.

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