What have I been doing these days?

What have I been doing these days? Well, I believe that getting some knowledge is very important, but just uploading your brain with it is not what I think we should do.

A couple of projects

I thought that during the pandemic while I am working from home, I can use the time I spend commuting, to focus on some ideas I have in my mind for a long time. Being mindful of the right work-life balance; trying to close my day on time, I can spend those 2 hours on my little projects and researching.

I have been a user of the URL shorteners for few months, but I do think they can be more than just redirections; they can include some tools to enable more appropriate management of the links and registering a bit more than what they are doing now (clicks). Allowing flexibility in terms of management so you can do more.

An idea I have to put some AI algorithms to work for you and make your life a bit easier when digesting the humongous amount of information available online related to your company or industry. A very specialised NLP model(s) on marketing and context analysis using spaCy and other technologies.

MagicMirror (side project ;)

I have been following MagicMirror for a long time but never used it. I have started contributing to the project for version 2.16. I have been actively contributing to bug-fixing and testing. Also will be adding some modules and support for animated icons from basmilius.

So what do you think?

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